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About Sorbenots coffee

Sorbenots Coffee is a drive-thru coffee shop chain and family business started by Philip, Andrea, and Jason Stone. What started as a trailer offering eight drinks has now grown to 5 drive-thru coffee shops that have a wide variety of offerings. Sorbenots truly is a "family" business. Both Philip and Andrea's and Jason's kids have all worked for the business in some capacity, as well as Philip and Jason's mother, who started La Dolce Vita Roasters, and roasted all of our coffee for many years. Sorbenots Coffee has seen almost 30 years of business, and will see more in the future!


1992 - Stone Wildfire

As a predecessor to our current business venture, Stone Wildfire began in 1992.  Originally this business was owned and operated by married couple, Philip and Andrea Stone. Business included leasing fire equipment to the U.S.F.S, contract slash burning; tree thinning and timber stand improvements. Stone Wildfire ran simultaneously to the Stone's other ventures until 2008.

1995, November - Cappuccino Cowboy Trailer

Philip and Andrea opened a drive-thru espresso trailer in 1995, in Baker City. There were no additional employees, and the two of them found some success with the first Cappuccino Cowboy location, enough to expand the business further!

1996, January - Jason Joins Philip & Andrea

In January of 1996, Philip and Andrea decided to bring Jason Stone, Philip's brother into the business as a partner, which later inspired the business's future rebranding.

1996 , March - Renovating and transition to Campbell St, Baker City

Cappuccino Cowboy was ready to expand to a new location, and the Stones found the perfect place on Campbell Street in Baker City, where the Baker Sorbenots still stands today. This location opened on March 20th, 1996, and the trailer closed shortly after.

1996, November - La Grande Cappuccino Cowboy, Little Joe', & La Dolce Vita Coffee Roasters open

November 1996 saw a lot of huge developments for the Stones and their businesses. A second Cappuccino Cowboy was put in La Grande, and they opened Little Joe's, a lunch café in Baker City named after Philip & Andrea's first daughter. Within Little Joe's was La Dolce Vita Roasters, a coffee roasting operation ran by Philip and Jason's mother Donna Stone, who create specialty coffee roasts for Cappuccino Cowboy, Little Joe's, and for direct sale.

1998, August - Ontario Shop Opens

Cappuccino Cowboy expanded to Ontario, Oregon

2002 - Rebrand to Sorbenots Coffee

Before any further expansions, the Stones decided to rebrand the business to something iconic and unique. They went through many options but settled on "Sorbenots." The name was inspired by the Eltrym Theater in Baker City, which gets it's name from the name Myrtle spelled backwards. Sorbenots is "Stone Bros" spelled backwards, but the name moved us forwards!

2003 - Pendleton Shop Opens

After rebranding to Sorbenots, the decision was made to continue expanding the business, and the next stop was Pendleton, Oregon.

2004 - Hermiston Shop Opens

In quick succession after Pendleton, Sorbenots expanded to Hermstion, Oregon, a quickly growing town at the time!

2005 - Business of the Year award from Baker City Chamber of Commerce

The Stones were honored with a great reward that recognized the work they had put into getting their business off the ground.

2005 to 2015 - Business as usual!

For ten years, Sorbenots saw stable growth! There were two attempts at expansion that didn't quite take off, but Sorbenots continued to develop their business as both sets of Stones continued to raise their families within the business.

2015 - 20th Anniversary

The business officially reached 20 years old! To celebrate, we created commemorative 20 year hydroflasks.

2016 - House-Made Cold Brew

In 2016, Sorbenots began developing our own cold brew, using our in-house roasted house blend, and we started serving it at all 5 Sorbenots coffee locations.

2019 - Shops Exterior Redesign

We redesigned the exterior of all Sorbenots locations to fit the same standards with color and style. We hope you enjoy the designs as much as we do!

Now - Franchising!

Philip, Andrea, & Jason Stone have made the decision to offer Sorbenots Coffee for franchising! It's the next step to developing our business, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds. If you would like to learn more, contact us at

Dog laying in the back of a firetruck
Stone Wildfire firestruck
Cappuccino Cowboy Trailer
Cappuccino Cowboy Drive-Thru Sign
Espresso machine
Putting up Cappuccino Cowboy sign at the new shop
Breaking ground on new shop in Baker City, OR
Phil & Andrea's daughter playing with coffee bean bags
Cappuccino Cowboy in La Grande, OR
Little Joe's & La Dolce Vita Roastery
Andrea Stone inside Little Joe's
Cappuccino Cowboy in Ontario, OR
Cappuccino Cowboy menu
Original Sorbenots Coffee logo
Sorbenots Coffee in Pendleton, OR
Sorbenots Coffee in Hermiston, OR
2005 - Business of the Year award from Baker City Chamber of Commerce
Sorbenots Coffee in Baker City, OR ~ 2010
Sorbenots Coffee engraved Hydroflasks
Cold brew canisters
Sorbenots Coffee in Hermiston, OR ~ 2019
Sorbenots Coffee in La Grande, OR ~ 2019
Sorbenots Coffee in Ontario, OR ~ 2023
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